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EXECUTIVE HOUSING COOPERATIVE (EHC) is a cooperative society aimed at providing a friendly and flexible means by which nigerians can acquire homes without stress.

  • EHC is designed to encourage a gradual build up of equity of 25% over a period of 12 months or more and mortgage of up to 10 years at an interest of 15% per annum.
  • This is a timely intervention to the problems of house ownership in nigeria.this product is geared towards a phased and regular contribution to the executive housing cooperative affording you an opportunity to own different structures in our estates now under development in lagos,akure,abuja and other parts of Nigeria.
  • As the membership of EHC grows, we would build up a pool of funds to facilitate our protecting the interest of our members, as well as intervene when difficulties arise with our mortgaga partners, etc, and win-win situation is thus maintained.
  • Great opportunities are thereby opened for you to own properties in estates located in areas such as victoria island, lekki and environs, ebute-metta, isheri olofin, mowe, agbara, badagry etc
  • Locations and specifications of the structures will determine prices which will range from #3.5million to over #100million.

Opening Ceremony of Peaceville Estate, Lakowe around the cornerExp
Luncheon and grand dedication of Sunrise Villa coming up soonestEx

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